Few Safety Tips While Visiting Paris

Paris is one of the well-known tourist places of Europe and people from all parts of the world visit this place almost daily. Usually, there is no case for any violent crime is ever reported however small crimes like pick pocketing is very common.

Particularly in the tourist attractions, you need to be very vigilant about your purse, mobile phones and any other costly items that you carry with you. Besides that, even while travelling in metro or buses, you need to be very careful about your belongings.  

Since Paris is a city of romance, many people while visiting this tourist destination for any official or personal reason like to enjoy the company of beautiful French girls.

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Following are few frequently asked questions about Paris, which have been briefly answered.

  1. Can we visit all areas in Paris?

Though Paris is generally a safe area to move around however, while moving around at night especially women must be careful. Following are few areas to avoid during night:

·         Les Halles

·         Gare du Nord

·         Chatlet

·         Jaures

·         Stalingrad

·         Northern suburb areas of Saint-Denis

·         Aubervillers

·         Saint-Ouen

·         Sain-Denis

  1. Are any particular travellers more vulnerable?

Generally, women should never travel alone at night particularly in areas which are not very well lighted. LGBT people are welcome in Paris but also they must be careful in certain areas.

  1. Is visiting safe after terrorist attack in Europe?

Many people are really shaken after the terrorist attack took place in many cities in Europe and Paris is no exception to that. One must be vigilant while you are travelling to any place.

In case, you hear any adverse news then you can postpone your visit.

  1. How to stay safe while moving on the road?

If you are walking on the road then you must be very cautious while you are crossing a street or in any busy intersections. Often drivers can be too aggressive. Prefer not to drive while in Paris as it will be very dangerous for a new comer.

Besides, if you are not familiar with the language, then you may often get into trouble to understand various traffic messages.

While travelling in taxi, you must verify minimum price for your destination as taxi drivers often charge extra from tourists. However, if you are with a local escort girl, then you can avoid this situation.

  1. Pharmacies in Paris

You can find numerous pharmacies in Paris and its neighbourhood. You can easily recognize them by seeing flashing green crosses. Few Parisian pharmacists can also speak English who can provide you over-the-counter medicines.

You will not find drugstores in Paris similar to North-America, so you will have to head to any pharmacy to get most of the over-the-counter medications.

  1. Embassy contact details

While traveling any outside countries, it is always better to have embassy contact details of your country on hand, so that you may contact them if you ever run into any kind of problems like stolen or lost passport, or any other emergency situations.

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