Flower Girl Dresses: So Many Exciting Choices  

Your big day is a special day. You have choices to make for everything from your dress to the lettering on your thank-you cards. One of the bigger decisions is what the bridal party will wear. Every girl who’s a part of the bridal party wants to feel beautiful, even the flower girl. What are some things to keep in mind about choosing that perfect flower girl dress? Here are some thoughts.

What Is Flower Girl Dress Tradition?

Traditionally, the flower girl’s dress was a miniature version of the bride’s dress—Similar in color, decorative style and cut. But if tradition isn’t what you’re after, here are some ideas for picking out a stunning flower girl dress for your adorable flower girl.

Another Tradition

Some flower girl dresses are styled after the bridesmaids’ dresses, giving the littlest beauty the same fabrics and color as the bridesmaids. Although this isn’t as common, it’s still a cute idea that could make for some fun photos. It also could be a way to make the flower girl feel like one of the big girls.

Flower Girl Dress Style Considerations

What style will your wedding be? Do you plan on something traditional with lots of satin and lace in a grand cathedral? Will it be a country theme in a beautifully restored barn with cowboy hats and barbeque? Or perhaps you plan on a beach setting with a seaside ceremony. Whatever you decide, the dresses you choose will reflect the overall feel of the wedding, your flower girl’s dress included.

Comfort For The Littlest One

Wedding days can be long—especially for your flower girl. When choosing a flower girl dress, think about comfort. Is the material scratchy or too tight in areas? How about her shoes? Will she be able to run around to burn off some energy for a few minutes without feeling completely constricted? Keep in mind too, if your flower girl is quite young, the dress shouldn’t be too long. Try to keep it mid-calf or knee-length or she may trip!

So Many Choices

With so much to decide on over the months and weeks before your big day, choosing flower girl dresses doesn’t have to be stressful. If you have several you like and can’t decide on one, ask the flower girl’s family. They may have ideas because they know their little girl the best. Maybe your flower girl would find it fun to help pick out her dress.

No matter which style you go with or who chooses the dress, most little girls love dressing up like a princess. Make it fun for your flower girl. It’ll be a day she’ll remember for the rest of her life!


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