How Do You Become a Court Reporter?


  • Get an associate degree or a qualification in court reporting
  • Full training
  • Pass licensing exam and also typing rate examinations

There are several vocational institutions as well as technical colleges offering court reporter Oklahoma city programs. You can select a program that ideal fits your spending plan and occupation goals. Make certain you pick a school that is approved.

Affiliate Level in Court Reporting

This is a two-year undergraduate program that is designed to give pupils with the ability as well as academic foundation required to sign up with the industry. The emphasis of the program is on academic understanding as well as training. Pupils will spend the first terms gaining an extensive understanding of legal terminology, courtroom procedures, law management, as well as court coverage fundamentals.

Even more in the program, students will discover exactly how to use stenography equipment and various other reporting programs. Through practical training, pupils will discover how to capture, store, as well as translate,  talked words in genuine time. The educational program of the program will commonly cover:

  • CART (Interaction Accessibility Real-time Translation).
  • Computer-Aided Transcription (FELINE).


The coursework of the program may differ a little from university to university. However, typically, the adhering to important training courses are examined:


  • Computerized Shorthand Concept


This program will cover the fundamental theory of shorthand equipment. Pupils will discover how to listen to the speech as well as translate it right into a written message. The training course intends to enhance a trainee’s listening, focus, and keying skills.


  • Court Coverage Procedures


In this training course, pupils will discover exactly how to record multi-voice dictation. The course will additionally highlight the significance of court reporting, the distinction between depositions, trials as well as hearings.


  • Court Reporting and Technology.


This is the course that will help students to explore computer-aided transcription software. Students will discover how to use different features of such software programs and develop records.


  • Court Practicum


This is a practice-oriented program. Trainees need to take part in training and complete a minimum number of hours on the shorthand equipment. The course will assist trainees to comprehend all elements of court reporting treatments.


  • Structures of Language and Writing.


This is an essential program that concentrates on various aspects of the English language. Trainees will cover crucial topics such as composition and essay writing, checking, communication and speech, and also English grammar.

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