How Invisible Ink Contact Lenses Are Useful?

Poker is not an easy game to master. Since the time poker cards are invented, people have come up with many cheating techniques. But none of them proved to be effective until the development of invisible ink.

Invisible ink is a special type of ink that is used to mark poker playing cards. The specialty of this ink is that it is not visible with our naked eyes. You can see the ink only with the help of a special cheating device.

The use of this technology has benefitted the players in uncountable ways. However, you should know that it is not fair to use such cheating devices in poker.

What Are Invisible Ink Contact Lenses Are Used?

You need special devices to see an invisible marked card. This is where the need for invisible ink contact lenses comes into the picture. These are specially designed contact lenses that will help you to detect the marked playing cards. 

Most of these contact lenses do not change your eye colour when you wear them. This keeps you safe from getting detected. With the help of these lenses, you can identify the marked under any light.

When buying an invisible ink contact lens, you need to make sure that you are buying a good one. After all, you are going to put it on your eyes. Select only the best quality and the ones that cannot be detected by other players. To know more about these lenses you can visit

Benefits of Using Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

An invisible ink contact lens is any day better than a marked card sunglass. That’s because people cannot detect that you are wearing lenses. But in case, of sunglasses, there are high chances of getting caught. Therefore, it’s better to be on the safe side. Other benefits of using these contact lenses include:

  1. With the help of these special contact lenses, you can easily identify the marked poker cards. These lenses can work under any light.
  2. Other players cannot detect that you are wearing contact lenses. That’s because it doesn’t change your eye colour. You can use them discreetly without getting caught.
  3. By using these contact lenses you can easily win a game and take home the big winning amount.

So if you are planning to get these special contact lenses to make sure that you get good ones only. You can use them with poker marked cards.


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