Is a floating dock right for my home?

The floating dock system is popular, and there are many different configurations available. Floating dock systems are a quick assembly and installation.

In addition, they’re practical. They adjust to different water levels due to seasonal changes and ties. It makes it easy to hop on and off your boat or other watercraft.

Plus, floating dock systems are maintenance-free and very durable. But is it right for your home?

Consult a Dock Maker

The decision to install a floating deck system is yours. But, whether or not you should do it should depend on a consultation with a dock maker.

You can let a dock maker know what solution best meets your individual needs, and maker can then adapt the system. A dock maker can offer expert advice and work within your budget.

More About Floating Dock Systems

Floating dock systems work well with fluctuating water levels and mud-bottomed lakes. You can even leave them in the water during the wintertime. If you have a lake with lots of boat wakes or waves, the commercial steel used in a floating dock system will stay in place. Just keep in mind that floating dock systems are generally pricier than pipe decks.

Keep in mind that if you’re installing a floating dock system, you’re going to need to get a building permit. There are also regulations on how close you can build it to your property line and how much the width can be.

Turn to the experts at Kinsel Docks to answer any of your questions and to install your floating dock system. This dock maker has the experience and knowledge to get the job done right.

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