The need for Big Data Analytics in the modern era

What is Big Data Analytics?

The process of collecting, organizing and analyzing huge amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns and useful insights is known as big data analytics. Big data analytics aims to discover information from data which is important for companies and their future. Without this data analysis, a company’s growth in today’s world is impossible.

Because of the enormous amount of data, it is impossible to analyze without the help of software, tools, and applications. Data analysts are constantly looking for new ways to develop advanced tools and software to speed up this process. Nowadays, business decisions are solely depended on information provided through analyzing data.

What makes Big Data Analytics so special?

The two best and most important advantages of big data analytics are speed and efficiency. Big data analytics gives companies the power to identify their flaws, make smart decisions, and identify new opportunities, higher profits, better customer experience, and much more.

By using technologies like Hadoop and cloud-based analytics the cost of data storage is reduced so much and it is a more convenient and effective way to harness data. Because of the power of big data analytics, companies can understand their consumer’s needs and how to satisfy them. In almost every sector data analytics is used nowadays including, retail, healthcare, banking, hospitals, etc.

Career opportunities for Data Analyst

The role of a data analyst is very important because he is the one who discovers what consumer needs and then suggests the company what to do. A data analyst is the main reason behind a company’s growth. Without data analytics, a company can not survive for a longer period.

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Here are some examples of jobs related to Data Analyst:

  • Data Engineer- as a data engineer your job is to design and implement the data infrastructure.
  • Business Analyst- this job is perfect for those who had a business-related background because this job needs a different set of skills and knowledge of the business-related field will sure help.
  • Machine Learning- this is a bit difficult job which requires both statistical and programming knowledge and experience.
  • Data Scientist- well this one actually had some parts of every other job that comes under data analytics.

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