3 Innovative Telugu Movies

Many people spend much of their time seeing movies on their home, especially during these times.On the other hand, people also spend even more time trying to find “good movies” to enjoy. But why? They’re looking for originality and innovation. When a new movie becomes a hit, it’s normal that many producers will try to repeat that success. Once they learn that movie’s formula, they will copy it. 

So, in case you have many hours of movies watching but are still looking for something new and fresh, here we present to you the latest Telugu Movies Online you can enjoy right now.

The below films are good on their respective topics, but they’re also filled with innovation. Simply put, These movies are different and enjoyable. You have romance filled with social insights from an interesting narrative. You have comedy, simple and pure, that can also make you grab your cushions and tremble with glints of mystery. And finally, a walk to the past and back to present through memories of love and tragedy, that can make you reflect on love as bigger productions can do.

Have a nice movie session!

Vellipomake: Vellipomake looks like a romantic film, but in reality, it revolves around a social topic: how modern society deals between physical and digital relationships. Chandu (Vishwak Sen) is an introverted guy who spends most of his time dealing with computers. He works for an animation company, and the rest of his day, exploring social networks – though he also passes weekends with some friends. But he’s alone. He wants to fall in love with a girl to share his feelings. One night he receives a friend request from a girl named Swetha (Nithyasree Reddy) and an attempt at relationship begins. But something seems to freeze when they’re together. After some time, Swetha leaves Chandu suddenly and from an innovative and introverted narrative, the movie tries to tell us what happened? 

Nandini Nursing Home: Chando (Nawin Vijay Krishna) is trying to get a good job at the Nandini Nursing Home hospital, but he lacks proper certification. That won’t be a problem because his friend Shakalaka Shankar will help him. As you can guess, this will lead to a series of hilarious situations, each one exposed through an awesome setting in a hospital; and everything there seems to be settled to make you laugh. On the other hand, the presence of a ghost causing many problems in the hospital will bring a touch of mystery to the story. What does it mean to the appearance of that ghost? Will Chando find his way as a fake doctor in the hospital?  Better you are ready for tons of laughs…

Mehbooba: A young man named Roshan (Akash Puri) and young woman Afreen (Neha Shetty) are both having similar nightmares of past lives. But he’s in India, and she’s in Pakistan.As part of student exchange, Afreen can travel to India, and at the same time, Roshan is traveling to work for the Indian Army. The above setting will serve the encounter of these two souls in love from the past, but prior circumstances will also help in developing that momentum.The plot revolves around the separation and reunion of the ancient couple working against the horrors of war, both in past and present.Memorable moments will remain in you after seeing how the strength of love and determination messes with the drama and crudeness of war.

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