A guide on summer clothes and accessories for your Frenchie bulldog

French bulldogs are a unique breed and it needs a lot of care and pamper from the owners. If you own a frenchie dog, you should know how sensitive the breed is. This affectionate breed is prone to getting cold and suffers from overheating. So even if you want to play around with your pooch during the summers, you need to be careful as well. Too much of cold or hot weather is not friendly to your dog. To avoid any health issues, lists of clothes and accessories have been made to not only protect your dog but also to make them look adorable and fashionable.


How about buying a set of pajama for your pooch? You can find lots of varieties in the market with unique colors and sizes. Usually you won’t find readymade outfits for your dog. Because every dog has different structure and size, you will have to customize the pajamas as per the needs and health condition of the dog. Pajamas like blue frenchie dog pajamas or organic pajamas are a great choice for both summer and winter. It not only protects the dog from extreme temperature but also prevents allergies.

Swimming jackets

French bulldogs are not at all good swimmers. They cannot swim at all. Therefore, you can buy a swimming jacket for your dog during the summers. They have compact body structure with short back legs. So they can’t swim. Another reason why they cannot swim is their flat face and elongated soft palate which doesn’t allow them to inhale sufficient amount of air. Breathing plays a huge factor in swimming. So the swimming vests can play a huge role to protect your dog.


How about pairing up French bulldog pajamas with cute shirts? Amazing! Isn’t it? As we all know that these dogs need protection during winters, the same is applicable for summer season as well. They cannot extreme temperature and get their body gets heated up very easily. They have a sensitive skin and are vulnerable to mites, germs, and allergies. Summer shirts are the best choice to protect your gremlin from harsh UV rays of the sun as well as from allergies.

It is essential for the owners to never compromise on the quality of the products. Bulldogs are hypersensitive and therefore, it is important to take care of the quality and comfort of the products.

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