Best 10 Restaurants in Solo for Your Cuisine Experience

Nasi Liwet Wongso Lemu

Exotic road dining at its finest, this evening-only stall, run with an ibu (mother; elderly girl ) Launched in traditional batik, specialises in nasi liwet: coconut-flavoured rice served as a banana foliage topped with shredded chicken, poultry liver (discretionary ), egg, and turmeric-cooked tofu and distinctive seasonings. Tables are installed using pickled veggies, tofu fried in poultry and garlic feet.

Omah Sinten

This attractive restaurant provides home-style Solonese specialities. Though the menu does great reading, providing the background of their dishes, the air is very formal, with live classical Javanese music bringing locals within a formal night outside. It is a lovely place in the afternoon, however, using a koi pond and also suitable place contrary to Mangkunegaran Palace.

Goela Klapa

The place is in the middle of the city, Manahan. The menu is much as well as intriguing. It tastes pretty great. Acceptable for small scale seminars and meetings. The area is clean. Wonderful support. Will return again!


This trendy Indonesian and blend restaurant is a part of this Danar Hadi complex, beside the batik showroom and museum. Mains contain rice and meat dishes, steaks and chops. It comes in its busy nights, even when laughter along with the hum of dialogue offer air in the tasteful but brightly lit dining area.


This beautiful restaurant is within a former batik mill, now inhabited by the Roemahkoe legacy resort. It is especially evocative during the night time time, when candlelit, also on Saturdays, as soon as a gamelan orchestra performs on a stage from the open-sided pavilion. Specials include selat Solo (a neighbourhood sliced-beef salad served with a boiled egg).

Adem Ayem

This enormous canteen-like restaurant, together with all swirling colonial-style lovers and photographs of all ye olde Surakarta, does not seem much from the exterior, but it brings local diners from the dozen. The allure? Great poultry dishes, souped, fried or consumed gudeg (jackfruit curry) style.


Most noteworthy for its atmosphere at a restored Dutch blossom material (with a few vexing modern touches like a ceiling of cubes ), this fabulous restaurant encircles a courtyard hosting live bands each night except Thursday, along with private dining rooms ruled by big artworks. The menu contains typical Indonesian and global principles with a few interesting departures.

Home Cafe and Resto

This area serves an extremely cosy restaurant setting, amazing and instagrammable! A lot of photo places here which you can make the most of your social websites. Additionally, the restaurant serves a broad array of speciality foods that you need to attempt, among which was a miniature pizza.

Saffron Resto and Meat shop

Japanese food restaurant with an authentic flavour and lavish dishes but with reasonable rates. This restaurant is quite small, so if you come late in dinner afterwards, you will almost certainly sit out (terraces) or perhaps obtain no table in any way. The menu is very diverse and tastes great from the mouth. Food screen is decorated with heavy-duty practices.

Diamond International Restaurant

This type of Chinese restaurant that’s open 24 hours every day. We stopped by for lunch and also had the chicken broth soup along with the vegetable soup. Both were yummy. For the main courses we had a tasty fried fish at a wonderful sauce, a carrot and dark poultry dish, a spoonful chicken breast dish free of sauce, dish tofu with veggies and sauce dish and lychee tough, loaf dessert. 

The carrot dish has been my favourite because I believed it was a small dry. The team doesn’t speak English, so at times that was hard. They don’t have wine and only beer, juices, and tea, coffee. We did attempt their chocolate, avocado and ice cream smoothie that was very yummy. The service was fine.

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