Best amusement and theme parks in Perth

Amusement parks or theme parks are places where people go to have fun. They are often children’s favorite places to be. There are different types of parks, for example, water or theme parks, they vary in size and the attractions that they have. If you’ve left Perth before it might be time for a trip back home just so that you can see what is new at some of the best parks there are.

Perth is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and people who would like to spend their holiday here simply because it’s not as crowded as other places in Australia. People in Perth are very friendly, and they care about the tourist experience in this region. In fact, sometimes too much attention can be given to them which makes some people who visit feel like they’re treated like royalty, but that is a good thing.

Some of the amusement and themes parks of Perth are:

1) Yanchep Adventure World –

Yanchep Adventure World is on the Brand Highway just out of Perth. It is a wildlife park with a difference, wildlife that has been rescued and rehabilitated, some have been injured and can no longer survive in the wild. The main attraction of the park is the animals you can look at but not touch. Some of the creatures that are on display here include koalas, crocodiles, dingoes, snakes, and many more. At Yanchep, you can spend a whole day or even a few days and not be bored at all.

2) Adventure World –

Adventure World is located in Bibra Lake which can be found just out of Perth. It is actually a water park with lots to offer for tourists who want to have fun in the sun and make it an all-day activity like the ones mentioned above. It has multiple pools and slides, there’s also a wave pool and a lazy river where you can relax after an exhausting morning of taking on the rides.

3) Whiteman Park –

Whiteman Park is in the north of Perth, it is an amusement park with lots to offer. If you want to go on rides and have fun there’s no need to travel far away from home, this place has over 50 different rides that include roller coasters. For example they are bigger than others in Australia. People come from all over the place to try and tackle Whiteman Park’s rides.

4) Adventure Bay –

Adventure Bay is another water park for those who want to spend their time around pools and slides, but this one is different because it is actually a beach as well as a water park. It has many attractions that include mini-golf as well as a big pool that is even bigger than the beach. There are restaurants and shops here.

5) Dreamworld –

Dreamworld is on Old Caloundra Road in Coomera; it has been established for over 30 years now. It has around 12 themed areas that visitors can check out, for example Brambuk village where you can learn about the Aboriginal culture. There are also numerous rides that you can check out when you visit Dreamworld, however, they are not included in your entry ticket price.

6) The Australian Outback Spectacular –

The Australian Outback Spectacular is in Perth’s city center, it is rather new because it was established around 5 years ago so it’s good if you want something new and don’t mind spending money to go there. There are lots of shows that take place here including the Outback Spectacular, they do 4 shows a week and every show is almost 2 hours long.

7) Movie World –

Movie world can be found in Oxenford on Australia Avenue. It’s been around for almost 30 years now. It is a lot like Dreamworld in the sense that it has lots of attractions and shows including water rides, roller coasters, and more. As well as this there are plenty of shops where you can buy souvenirs and gifts depending on your budget.


Perth has a lot of amusement parks and theme parks to choose from, depending on your preferences. You can visit Yanchep Adventure World, Adventure World, or Whiteman Park if you don’t want to spend a lot but still have fun. If you want to go somewhere luxurious and pay for the best services you should check out Movie World, Dreamworld, or The Australian Outback Spectacular.

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