Best Application to Spy on Mac in 2020

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Are you looking for the best Mac spy app to keep track of someone else’s computer device? There are scores of monitoring solution rightly available for Windows and Mac computers. However, each software application provides different results to the user. In this article, we have discussed the most efficient and high-tech Mac monitoring solution that provides desired outcomes to the end-user. The Mac monitoring software of TheOneSpy can be considered as the best application to secretly and remotely spy on any Mac machine in 2020. Read on to know what stands this software out than other monitoring programs available at the moment.

TheOneSpy – Mac Monitoring Solution

If you are looking for an advanced but affordable tracking solution for your Mac device, TheOneSpy is a great option. It offers all conventional and high-tech features enabling user to remotely supervise and control a Mac device. It is designed for parents and employers to supervise digital behavior of their children and employees. The software enables parents to safeguard their kids from online and offline threats and wrongdoings. The business persons can track and boost productivity of employees by preventing them from misuse of the internet and unproductive acts during working hours. 

How the Mac Spy App Works

The tracking software for Mac computers keeps the end-user updated about activities performed on the targeted device. It creates a secret online backup of data saved on the target computer to allow the end-user to retrieve the data anytime and from anywhere. It also captures surrounding scenes and sounds to enable the user to witness actions performed in the real-life. The software performs all functions without alerting the target and generating any notification on the targeted Mac machine. The end-user can control the software through the online web portal of TheOneSpy.

Core Features of Mac Tracker 

The computer surveillance software offers a wide range of features enabling user to monitor and control the targeted device without physical access. We have discussed here most important features of the software to give you an insight of it.

Live Screen Recording

If you are supervising Mac machines of your employees, you can keep a secret eye on almost every single digital activity of them. The surveillance software lets you see and capture what your target is doing on its monitored computer. By logging into the online control panel of TOS, you can send command to the targeted computer device for capturing real-time digital activities. On receiving command, the target device starts screen recording. You can send multiple commands to extend recording period. The software automatically uploads the recording to the web portal from where you can retrieve it.   


As well as screen recording, the surveillance software for Mac computers also offers screenshots. You can send command to the targeted machine to let you check work progress of your employees by getting their computer screen captured. The app starts taking screenshots with a certain interval and uploads all captured images to the web portal.   

Camera Bug

The end-user of the surveillance software can turn on camera of the targeted machine to see surrounding scenes. It lets you know what your workers are doing. You can also record their movements in form of short videos or photos by remotely operating primary and secondary cameras of their devices. 


The microphone of the targeted Mac machine can be turned on via web portal of TOS. It enables you to listen and record the surrounding voices. 


The software records keystrokes applied to the targeted device including passwords and credentials of online accounts. These keystrokes can be accessed via online portal of TOS.

Online Data Backup

You can secure sensitive business information by creating online backup of data saved on company-owned mac machines. The surveillance software automatically uploads specific data to the web portal from where the end-user can retrieve it anytime.

Compatibility & Pricing

The monitoring solution for spy on pc is compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini running macOS 10.5 and above. The price of the software is around $40 for one-month subscription, $60 for 3-month subscription and $110 for one-year subscription. The price is subject to change from time to time. 

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