Buying a Large Chandelier: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Buying a large chandelier is getting the most of your money, and what a chandelier offers in the first place. As much as we would love every home and building to have a chandelier of their own, though, that is not enough reason to go buying one.

If you have been considering getting a large chandelier for a while now, here are some dont’s you want to avoid.

1.        Forgetting Spacing

Every piece of décor in your home – from the walls to the ceiling and pieces of furniture in there – need their breathing space. In other words, they should be given enough space to express their individual ability to contribute to the overall appeal.

Do not buy a large chandelier that takes that away from them.

Thus, consider how much away from the walls, floors, table and ceiling that chandelier will be. That will guide you on just how large your chandelier can be for the best effect.

2.        Going for Just Size

Even if your room is wide enough to take a large chandelier, that does not mean you should get one In fact, you could be better off with a combination of smaller chandeliers in the room.

Do not let your thoughts of a large chandelier limit you in exploring all the possible options and combinations first before deciding on which one works best for you.

3.        Skipping on the Functionality

Let’s face it:

Many people buy their chandeliers for aesthetic purposes. To be honest, no one can fault them for that. Afterall, what other kind of lightning can bring the elegance and style that you get from properly placing a crystal, glass or any other chandelier of any material?

However, you should never forget that the large chandelier you are buying is also meant to supply lighting to your living space. The best way to know if you are getting enough lighting is if such lighting is enough to read with from any part of the room.

4.        Not Checking the Wiring

Check your large chandelier wiring to see that it is up to date. Your safety is more important than any elegance a chandelier can bring you, so we hope you take it seriously too.

For modern styled chandeliers, you should get the wiring in the box on purchase. Older (antique) chandeliers are not the same and they could require calling a professional.

5.        Not Breaking the Rules

We have put up all these rules and guide to set you on the ideal path, but that does not mean you cannot deviate from the norms. These kinds of deviations are what gives birth to unique designs anyway.

In as much as your deviation works for you, you are free to experiment. Whatever you do, though, never compromise on safety and good lighting.

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