DotaPit Minor: new meta heroes were born here

DotaPit highlighted the best Dota 2 heroes for ranked games

DotaPit is not the greatest event you may see but it provides a lot of extremely useful data to analyze. A lot of high-quality teams participated in the tournament and tried something different than casual strategies. As a result, we received great experience and incredibly interesting matches. Even tier 2-3 teams have shown interesting ideas and performance.

And never forget about meta, this tournament extended the meta heroes pool quite a lot. Doom earned the prize as the most contested hero of this tournament, but his overall winrate was under 50%. Razor and Enigma shared the place in the Top 3 with Doom. But here I will not show you all the meta champions from this event, but the ones, who could help you to earn some MMR points without the help of

Sand King – the true king of pubs

Every time when Earthshaker dive into meta, Sand King follows him immediately (Earthshaker shined in ESL One Mumbai, Sand King in DotaPit). And I can totally understand that. Almost every team are looking for a strong, tanky hard laner with the good disable and who could win the lane. And I can only remember these two guys, well, maybe Centaur Warrunner is a good choice too.

The enhanced Burrowstrike (cast range was increased by 50) is now may be used as an incredibly useful escape ability or initiating tool even in the early game. Even professionals underestimating this little change and frequently misjudging the range of this ability, that may lead to an easy kill. So in public games, this will definitely work too.

sand king dota2

The only right skill build is to max Burrowstrike and Sand Storm while ignoring Caustic Finale. Yes, this ability looks extremely strong in the laning stage, especially against melee enemy, but later you will miss a lot of opportunities in team fights.

What about item build? It is easy, you will need blink dagger if you playing as a pos 4 player, but if you have a pos 3 role, then you need to build some stats to become much stronger frontliner. Spirit Vessel or some aura items like Dominator (if you know how to control Centaurus or Troll), Vladmir’s Offering and etc.

Templar Assassin as a perfect Mid Laner

TA was buffed a few times before the patch, and now she is a really good state, Her agility gain per level was increased almost by 1 per level, and little changes to Meld and Refraction will make her laning stage easier, giving you many opportunities to claim the dominance on the lane.

Templar Assassin dota2

The current meta of Dota 2 is favorable to the mid lane heroes with the good scaling. The tempo is one of the game-deciding factors in the early game and that is why Templar Assassin is so good. The only lack of this hero is lack of utility, but you will not want any utility if anyone around you will die after a few hits.

The most underestimated change of this patch is that Meld now fully stacks with itself. So you might calculate how much stronger your second Meld blow will be. With the 20 level’s talent, you will be able to one shot thin heroes.

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