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Rummy is a popular game that requires both luck and skills to deal with. This is a card game and is played with two decks of cards including two Joker cards. To win a rummy game, a player needs to pick and discard cards from both piles given and thus make a valid declaration. One pile is a closed deck that means the player will not be able to see the cards and pick a random one, while the other is an open deck created with the cards that the players discard. To win at a rummy card game, the players have to group cards in accurate sequences and sets. There are various types of Rummy games. Each game is similar in essence but comes with modified rules and techniques.

Let’s discuss the various types of Rummy games that you can play on apps like RummyGo and GetMega.


For playing online on the Rummygo app, one has to first install it on their devices followed by selecting the kind of rummy game he wants to play. There are different types of rummy games available in Rummy Go, and they are Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy and Raise Rummy. Each game packs a punch and allows you to both invest and gain profit from playing.

Pool Rummy is a variant of the Indian Rummy game. The players in this game are required to pay a fixed entry fee and all the entry fees are gathered in the prize pool of the game. It is the longest variation and is available in two formats. The first format is 101 pool and the second is 201 pool. Players whose score reaches 101 points or 201 points in the respected format is eliminated from the game.

Deals Rummy is a variant of the 13 card Rummy game and Indian Rummy. In this game, each play gets a certain number of cards. When an online deals rummy game starts, all players receive a fixed number of chips for playing the game. Once a round ends, the winner wins all the chips from the losing player. When all rounds are done and the game comes to an end, whichever player is left with the highest number of chips, is declared the winner of the game.

The Raise Rummy format and the Points Rummy format are very similar. The only difference is the points value increase at regular intervals in the case of the former format. The primary objective of the Raise Rummy format is scoring points. All points come with monetary benefits. The game begins with a predefined points value and each of the points value increases gradually during the game up to a predefined points value. Once a player has made a valid declaration and wins the game, he gets all the winning amounts.


This is yet another online gaming platform that hordes multiple rummy games like 5 card rummy, 5000 rummy, Arizona rummy, push rummy, knock rummy, polish rummy, rummy rejoin, Liverpool rummy, Indian rummy, Whist rummy, rummy 51, qwirkle rummy and so much more that you’ll never be short of options. GetMega is a great gaming platform that helps you to play games with your friends and family and that too on video chat and win real money at the same time. The games are fun, easy to access and require a minimum one-time fee after which you can play as much as you want and win big. It’s really entertaining and a good way to spend time with your family. In case you don’t know how to play a particular game, it comes with a full set of instructions and has an easily readable leaderboard and interface to motivate you to play and learn.

Now that you know the features of both RummyGo and GetMega, you can surely choose the best one or the one that has the kind of rummy game you like to play.

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