Give Dad The Gift of Gold on Father’s Day


Father’s day is just around the corner. It’s that one time of year where fathers are celebrated for the role they play. Fathers look forward to this day, regardless of how macho they may appear. Whilst the average man would not walk around showing off his bling, most do appreciate some gold, be it gold cufflinks, rings, a bracelet or a simple necklace. What gold says to a man and to anyone for that matter, is that they are highly thought of.

Gold jewellery is not cheap and if you are caught off guard with little or no money to get those nice gold cuff links for your father, you may be able to find the solution in your jewellery drawer. Look for that old and unused gold jewellery and find a gold buyer that you can sell gold jewellery too. You can sell gold jewellery even if its old or damaged, broken clasps or missing stones. Gold buyers are more interested in the gold content and not your jewellery’s state of disrepair.

If you have enough old gold to exchange for cash you may afford something more substantial. If your father is an avid gold collector a gold coin will be appreciated. The best thing about gifts like gold coins is that their value appreciate. That whiskey bottle and those ties and socks do not appreciate in value. A gold coin or a 100g gold bar will appreciate in value as time goes by. You may even start your dad off on a path to collecting more gold. This could be a good gift that will have long term good returns. The gift of gold is a gift that keeps on giving. Your father can sell that same gold to pay for anything he needs money for like a vacation, a new set of tyres for his car, or maybe a new set of golf clubs or more gold.

To get the most out of your old and unused jewellery you need to know what it’s worth. You can have your jewellery appraised. You can take it to your local jewellery store or a gold buyer who will be able to tell you how much you can expect to get for It for melt value. Some people skip appraisals because they may think the jewellery isn’t worth much, especially if there are broken pieces, or the valued price is impossible to get. Sometimes costume jewellery is more than what it seems so if you have some intricately designed pieces with gems, the best thing is to have it appraised as most buyers simply buy jewellery for its gold content.

Keep in mind that you won’t get the price of your appraisal. When it comes to gold jewellery, you may be given a “melt price” for your gold. This is the price of the gold contained in the piece of jewellery. You are unlikely to get this price when you sell gold jewellery because the gold buyer also has to factor in his own profit. 80-90% of the melt value is a fair price.


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