Guidelines for Enjoying The Best Borobudur Sunrise

Commonly known as the largest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur was constructed sometime between 750 and 850 AD. No-one knows why it was built.

Yet, it was not until the 19th century that we started to understand the crazy skill necessary to construct a temple together with the size of Borobudur. In the following century, the Dutch restored it.

From above, the Borobudur’s circular, spiralling structure becomes apparent. Each platform signifies because each tier climbs, moving. There are 504 Buddha statues, and each is unique.


The most common approach to see Borobudur is to do the sunrise excursion. Since the top of the temple is around views in all directions, not only will you beat the heat, but unless it is cloudy — you should have a sunrise.

To see the sunrise on Borobudur, you can either have picked up from your accommodation in Yogyakarta via tour or private driver in the early morning or remain overnight in Borobudur beforehand. You may start the day at Manohara as soon as you’ve arrived. Manohara was a resort but is the sunrise meeting point as well. Arrive around 04:40 to afford the ticket. Borobudur temple is only a couple of minutes walk away. The sunrise ticket is ONLY available from Manohara. They will organise the trip for you if you are on tour. You can simply purchase a ticket when you arrive if you are considering the average entry time of 6 am or after.

You drive to Manohara and may head up from your location in Yogyakarta town around 3:45’m. The setup there was organised with loads of chairs and tables to wait in the early hours. The temple was just a couple of minutes walk away, and there was a sense of mystery about climbing the steps of Borobudur.

You can wait to rise over the mountains after locating a place to sit down upon the temple. It was a considerable wait. The audience — all mixed ages and nationalities — sat respectfully and patiently. It was silent; when the sun had climbed, like everyone took a deep breath and could exhale.


Please be respectful and do not distract from the sunrise. The sun was entirely from the sky and the crowds dispersed by the time anybody jumped into perspective to acquire their photos. There are loads of chances to take great photos, so no need to rush. You could take possibly two/three total pictures from every angle before proceeding and did so following the sun was low in the heavens.

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