How to Have a Wonderful Experience when you Go to a Bar Alone

Sometimes going to a bar alone may be a great idea. This means you will be on your own terms and don’t need to wait for your friends. By being alone, it might be possible to win the favor of your favorite bartender. However, things won’t always go as planned. Perhaps you won’t be able to find a seat or cannot talk to patrons without shouting. This experience can be intimidating especially if you are in a big city with lots of bars nearby. However, despite these drawbacks, there are still many great experiences you can have when you roll solo. To make this possible, consider the tips below:

Focus on What you Want Before you Enter the Bar

Are you looking to visit a bar to unwind without interacting with many people or prefer to chat with strangers? If you don’t want much interaction, choose a seat at the end of the bar but if you want to meet someone, make sure to make yourself visible in the crowd. And if you want to play pool with other enthusiasts, consider going to Mad Hatter Pub on Crescent street. This is where you can enjoy great drinks and play pool in a lively setting.

Choose Off-Peak Hours

The time you visit a bar greatly impacts your experience. If you want to be alone and focus on your drink, you should not go to the bar peak hours on a Saturday night. But, if you want to meet people at the bar to socialize, go there for happy hour.

Ask the Bartender Some Questions

If you want to be completely alone and prefer not to talk to anyone, it is fine. But, you can also chat with the bartender by asking for a recommendation on a new drink you can try. Do not hesitate to ask questions, especially if the bartender is not busy.

Be a Regular to the Bar

Going solo is an easy way to become a bar’s regular patron. Being a regular gives you access to some perks. For one, bartenders   will remember your preferred drink and may give you a free drink sometimes. Also, by visiting a bar regularly, you might go there with your seat already waiting for you. To become a regular, build a relationship with the bar staff. While it takes time to do this, it will be worth it. Over time, as you become friends with other regulars and the bartenders, you will not feel like you are drinking alone.