How to hire a company secretarial

The company secretary is accountable for the efficient administration of a company, particularly regarding ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory obligations and assuring that the board of directors’ decisions is implemented. Despite the name, the role is not clerical or secretarial. There is no denying that a company secretary performs complex, multifaceted, and essential functions in any organization. Secretarial services HK is mandatory as the government demands every company to hire them.

For selecting a company secretary, the company should note down its specifications for such a role. A person who applies for the job should:

  1.  Have complete knowledge and expertise of company procedures
  2.  Have an understanding of roles and responsibilities he/she has towards the organization
  3. Possess the required qualification.
  4. Be systematic, well organized, and impartial.
  5. Be aware of the current changes in the enterprise.
  6. Represent the organization or other members of the organization before the Company Law Board or such authorizations.
  7. Register and file documents on account of the company

A skilled and experienced company secretary should hold the following skills which are essential for the individual as well as professional growth:

  1. Good communication skills
  2. Methodical and decision-making capacity
  3. Strong thinking ability & problem-solving skills
  4. Good with statistics
  5. Must have a good knowledge of the global market

Due to the complexity of the secretary’s role, finding a qualified and trustworthy corporate secretarial firm is an essential task that should be tackled with care and attention. It would help if you made a holistic evaluation of cost-effectiveness, professionalism, and technological sophistication. You should also be fully aware of what is included in the cost and what will be paid separately.

A company looking for a good company secretary need not go far to find one. Secretarial firms have started taking the influence of the internet in expanding their professional help service. Company Secretarial assistance can now be found online, providing a pattern of services. They provide their details on their websites, giving you an idea of their professionalism and work with other clients. A company secretary is one of the most influential professionals in an organization. Before choosing a company secretary, a company should look into how he/she can be a valuable addition to the firm/company.

If you are having a company in Hong Kong, like many other provinces, every company in Hong Kong must have a company secretary. The Hong Kong Companies Law (Chapter 622) (CO) presents under s.474 mandates that all companies incorporated within Hong Kong must have a company secretary services. According to Listing Rules (LR) 3.28, and section F of the Corporate Governance Code (CG Code) for public registered companies, they must appoint a company secretary HK even if they are not Hong Kong companies.

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