Make Lockdown Interesting with These Unique Ways of Enjoying Rummy

Lockdown has been the most challenging phase for most of us in 2020. We live in a world that is outgoing. Human beings are social animals. Leading isolated lives can seem quite impossible to most of us. Yet, that is what most of us were forced to do because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even now, most nations have strict norms related to lockdown. Life has not yet returned to normalcy. Rummy players who used to get-together for a round of rummy or two now stay aloof. They have no means of staying in touch with their rummy circles.

Yet, there are ways to make this lockdown a bit interesting for all the rummy players around. Here we have shared a few ways to make the best of lockdown by enjoying rummy on Khelplay Rummy. Check our suggestions and add some more if you like to:

Challenge Your Friends for a Quick Round of Rummy

The best part about Khelplay Rummy is that you can invite your friends here too. So, you don’t have to miss playing with your friends just because you are using your smartphone device to play. You can challenge them and beat them in the game of rummy. Each time a new friend accepts your invite to join Khelplay Rummy, you also enjoy some referral bonus points. Your friends who join rummy also enjoy a welcome bonus.

So, even when you are following the rules of social distancing, there is a way to socialise with your friends. Khelplay Rummy is the best place to share your rummy love with friends.

Participate in Exciting Rummy Tournaments

To make the fun even more on Khelplay Rummy, the app has countless exciting rummy tournaments. These tourneys are designed to bring out the best in rummy players. You can join these rummy tournaments if you have a cash gaming account on Khelplay Rummy. There are sometimes free tournaments too. You just need to keep an eye on the tournaments each season.

The rewards for rummy tournaments could either be cash prizes or something else. There have been tournaments with gold rewards and gadget rewards. Good players in rummy card games are sure to gain a lot by playing on the Khelplay Rummy app.

Improve Rummy Skills with Frequent Rounds of Rummy Online

Staying indoors can be quite challenging. Yet, there are ways to make the lockdown period really fun. All you have to do is play many rounds of rummy to improve your gaming skills. Playing different variations of rummy is also a good idea. While most people enjoy points rummy, there are series rummy card games that require a good deal of skill. To win in those card games, you also must know how to manage your points. This can get quite interesting if you are still in the learning phase. You learn how to organise and strategize. These are skills all good rummy players possess. Make your id on Khelplay Rummy to master these skills yourself.

Interlace the Work Schedules with Quick Rummy Work Breaks

Work from home is another routine most people find difficult to get used to. Lockdown has made it necessary for people to work from their homes. This is quite monotonous and challenging. Many people find it difficult to do just one job sitting in front of their laptops for so many hours. 

Here is the trick. If you are an avid rummy fan, make use of your love for rummy card games. Interlace your work schedule with regular rummy work breaks. It can be a good way to keep your mind entertained. This can also help to eliminate the stress of working long hours doing the same thing. Rummy is the best distraction for work from home professionals. The points rummy card games are so short that you won’t even be wasting your time. Just when you take a tea break or a snack break, you can enjoy a round of rummy. If you are a cash rummy fan, you can also participate in quick rummy tournaments. Just imagine using your rummy gaming skills to earn a few extra bucks during your work breaks.

Improve Money Management with Frequent Series Rummy Card Game Sessions

You can benefit from the lockdown by playing several rummy sessions. Those who are good at rummy games are also good at money management. The series rummy card games like Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy require players to manage the points in their hand. This could be quite similar to managing money matters. This is the reason why playing such games can teach you how to deal with money better. 

Pool Rummy has a cut off points decided right at the start. When a player crosses the decided cut-off points, he loses the game. Deals rummy has the number of deals decided right at the start. At the end of the decided number of deals, whoever has the greatest number of points loses the game. This is the reason why each point counts very much. This is quite similar to managing funds with a specified salary. Learn it and know how to invest your funds.

Start by Downloading the Khelplay Rummy App

Now that you are convinced Khelplay Rummy has much to offer in this lockdown period, don’t wait anymore. Go ahead and download the Khelplay Rummy app on your smartphone device. The app is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. Once this is done, fill up your details to create a sign in id. Use this id to enjoy rummy card games on Khelplay Rummy.

You can select the variation of rummy you wish to play. You can play rummy online on this app anytime and anywhere. You can challenge your friends or play rummy with complete strangers. There are several exciting cash tournaments. If you are good at rummy gaming, don’t delay anymore. Go ahead and enjoy non-stop rummy gaming on your mobile phone device. Invite friends to double the fun.

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