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Any pedestrian who is the victim of a traffic accident caused by a land motor vehicle receives compensation for bodily injury. The only exception is for the pedestrian who voluntarily sought the damage he suffered except for the most fragile pedestrians: minors under 16 years of age or major over 70 years as well as holders of a disability card at least equal to 80%. The Personal injury lawyer is a good friend in such cases.

Whether the accident takes place on a pedestrian crossing or not the pedestrian will be systematically protected by law. It is important to report the traffic accident within 5 days of the accident to your insurer as well as recover the contact details of the insurer of the vehicle that caused the pedestrian crossing accident. The insurer must then send the victim of the pedestrian accident a questionnaire so that it informs the nature of the damage suffered, his personal and professional situation in order to allow the insurer to set up compensation for it.

The pedestrian compensation insurer then has 8 months to pay the pedestrian an advance on the final compensation so that the latter has no financial worries due to the accident. It will then be necessary to wait until the health of the pedestrian victim is consolidated in order to allow the medical adviser to assess all the consequences of the traffic accident in the life of the pedestrian. It is on the basis of the doctor’s report that the insurer will calculate the compensation that will be paid to the pedestrian. The insurer then has 5 months following consolidation to send the victim his offer of final compensation. The pedestrian accident attorney can be the best solution there.

Road accident on pedestrian crossing

Whether the accident takes place on a pedestrian crossing or on an urban traffic lane, the latter will be compensated if he has not committed any inexcusable fault suicide attempt for example. The amicable report allows the victim to obtain the contact details of the insurer of the person who struck him as well as to determine the circumstances of the road accident. The pedestrian’s compensation takes place according to the rules of common law; he will therefore be compensated for all the personal and professional consequences related to his accident. The compensation must cover all the damage suffered by the pedestrian. Whether the traffic light is green or red on the pedestrian crossing, the pedestrian will be compensated if we do not remember that he voluntarily sought the damage he suffered. For that the mass tort claims lawyer can also support.

Advice from the association for the compensation of road and traffic victims

The greater the damage suffered, the more vigilant it will be to pay final compensation. Do not hesitate to contact the road accident compensation association if you have been the victim of a traffic accident on a pedestrian crossing and if you have questions about your compensation. There is no sharing of responsibility for a victim on a pedestrian crossing since we are not talking about responsibility but about the right to compensation for compensation for bodily injury.

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