Stylish and Functional Wardrobe Design for Small Bedrooms

Homeowners with small bedrooms will not have to compromise on the function or style of their almirah design. With some smart tips and tricks, you can have a stunning, sizable and useful cupboard. It doesn’t matter if the wardrobe is simple, modern, wooden or built-in.

The wall behind the bed

Never overlook the wall behind your bed. It is a good option for installing a wardrobe, especially when you have a lack of space. Integrate bedside table within the wardrobe designs, which go all the way towards the ceiling.

It maximizes storage space. The design has to be light and minimal to keep the space from looking heavy and suffocating.

Choose a color that matches the flooring or walls

Go for a wardrobe with the same color as the adjacent wall or flooring it stands on. You get a seamless look without any differentiation. It helps add flexibility and airiness to the small bedroom.

Choose sliding door

Cupboards don’t occupy the flooring area but even that covers the open doors. It is good to choose sliding doors because it helps to save space as well as gives the room a modern look.

Incorporate mirror material on the wardrobe doors

The mirror reflects light, which makes space look bright and large. Choosing an almirah with mirrored doors look less bulky and you don’t need to have a dressing table installed. Thus, you get a classy and spacious looking bedroom.

Other reflective materials

You can even opt for other reflective materials to make the room seem light and bright. Glass either clear, dark, or opaque serves like mirrors and lessens the wardrobe weight.

Go for light colors

Dark colors make the place look crowded but light palette creates an illusion of a large space. When you choose an almirah of a single light shade, it will help to revitalize the room.

Built-in wardrobe

Rather than using precious floor space or freestanding wardrobe get on built in the wall cavities. The wardrobe design can blend well with the surrounding walls. Avoid handles but include mirror panels in the sleek design to complement the small bedroom.

Extend cupboard towards the ceiling

In a small room, every inch count and you don’t wish to waste it. Have a built-in large almirah reaching the ceiling customized. You can maximize the storage space with extra shelves. The top shelves can be used to store things, which are needed once in a while like suitcases.

Decoration tips for small bedrooms

  • Use floating shelves to keep the floor clutter-free.
  • You can opt for an open wardrobe. Its key advantage is interiors are accessible easily without the need to slide or open doors.
  • Use hybrid furniture in a professionally designed bedroom like mirror with storage space behind or desk that doubles as a dresser.
  • Under-bed storage is a crucial element of any small bedroom furniture. It offers extra space without any compromise of space available to walk around with ease.
  • Wardrobe designs must complement the small space but the interior layout also needs to be well-planned, to look organized. There are sufficient partitions and drawers to ensure that all your stuff gets arranged neatly.
  • Integrate horizontal wardrobe lines to create an illusion of breadth. In the same way, vertical stripes on the headboard or wallpaper will trick your eyes to believe the room is large.
  • Choose sheer or light curtains rather than heavy drapes for a small bedroom.




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