Super Cute Dog Tricks Your Pup Can Learn Today

Training your dog should be fun for you and your dog. We love our pets, but let’s be honest, they don’t always listen, and that gets frustrating. Commit to training your dog to do tricks. Dogs are a person’s best friend. Training is not for puppies only, people assume that you have to train when they are just puppies, but that is not that case. You can teach an old dog the same tricks as a puppy. Sometimes, you will need to hire a Houston dog trainer.

Some tricks that you can teach on your own are. Teach your dog bark commands. It is a more tough trick and it will take time for the dog to learn, but keep training. A cute trick you can teach your dog is to give kisses. All you need is a sticky note, clicker, your dog’s favorite treats, and your dog. Place the note on your hand, every time your puppy touches the note, click the clicker, and give your puppy a treat. This should not be a hard trick to teach.

Another cute trick is teaching your dog to hug. You will need a clicker and your dog’s treats, first your dog should know the sit pretty trick, this is an easy trick to teach your dog. All you need is your treats and a clicker, Put the treat about the dog nose so the dog will go into the sit pretty trick, and give him a treat, keep doing this until you and your dog are comfortable doing this now back to teaching your dog to hug.

Once you have the sit pretty masters, move onto the next step is get the dog to sit in the sit pretty for 3-4 seconds and move in and hug your dog, and give him a treat afterwards. Any point the dog gives aggressive behavior stops at once. Teaching your dog fetch can be fun, but great exercise for both you and your dog. Have treats for your dog, grab either your dog’s favorite toy or a stick, throw it and the dog will go after it, when they bring back the toy, give your dog a treat.

Another trick that will wow your friends and family is teaching your dog to shake hands. All you need is treats and a clicker. Start with a treat in the paw of your closed hand, when the dog touches your hand with their paw, give your puppy the treat, continue to do this until your dog is used to doing it. Use an empty hand, when your dog puts his paw in your hand, give the dog a treat. Once you both are comfortable with the trick, get your dogs attention, hold your hand out and say shake, wait until your dog places their paw into your hand and shake, give your dog a treat for learning another fun trick.

Some tricks will take a Houston dog trainer because it takes a special trainer to teach your dog some tough tricks. Training is not just for teaching your dog to sit, stay, and kiss, you need to teach your dog behavior tricks and that is where the dog trainer will come in at. Training your dog is not just good for your dog, it is good for the entire family. Once your dog is trained, you can take your dog on more walks than usual without worrying if your dog will show some behavior toward your neighborhood.

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