The best (but not so- secret) night clubs that are open in Melbourne  

Imagine that things are back to normal right and everyone is going on about their business as usual and then breath – through that mask around your nose and you realised that things aren’t quite the same and maybe they never will be. We could be on a path to a different reality altogether. Before you space out with all those thoughts that have been swirling in your head through the lockdown, just go outside and feel the sun on your face, better yet go clubbing. Yes, night clubs are open again. You can listen to music, get drunk jump around or do whatever movement you call dancing without worrying about irritating your nextdoor neighbour.

When the reopening of night clubs and other public amenities was announced late last year, Melbournian let out a collective sigh of relief. Freedom! It felt like being let out of solitary confinement for a crime you didn’t commit. Righteous indignation aside, here’s a list of night clubs that wasted no time to reopen and resume business (under health protocols, of course).

The Curtin

As far as legendary night clubs and live music venues go, the Curtin ranks quite high. This Lygon Street Night club has also a dope new beer garden that is shaping up to be the next popular hang out spot for Melbournians.


When Howler announced its reopening, a lot of people were shouting off the roof tops with glee. Night time entertainment would not be right without Howler. This Brunswick night club encapsulates all the elements that are needed for a perfect night out. Great drink selection, good pub grub and great music to dance to.

Atticus Finch

Atticus Finch is one of those unique, off-beat bar/pub that gives Brunswick its quirky, hippie vibe. This bar is a favourite for punters who like the laid back feel. Lazy afternoon ls at Atticus Finch could languidly stretch on and before you know it, someone would be yelling “last round!” and a new day would begin without you even noticing. Before the lockdown, they were revamping the back yard beer garden. That and that strange shed with a pool table makes the perfect hangout spot if you don’t want to be sweating under strobe lights with pop music blaring in your ears at the countless night clubs that are littered throughout Victoria.

FAD Gallery

Going out at night doesn’t always have to be about hitting the night clubs; there is a lot you can do In Melbourne at night. This is one of the reasons why it is rated as one of the top livable cities in the world. You can find the best of what Australia has to offer in one place – at FAD Gallery. This art gallery-cum-bar-cum- live music venue is an absolute gem.

The Espy

Want to feel sad between your toes, then a visit to the Hotel Esplanade or Epsy (as it is fondly called by the locals) s open again. This St. Kilda institution draws a crowd on a normal day. You might need to book in advance because it can get crowded pretty quickly.

There are a number of night clubs, bars and other venues serving different entertainment for night owls in Melbourne. A lot of them opened when the lockdown was eased. Places like Northcote Social Club, Sooki Lounge, The Cherry Bar, The Tramway and a bunch of other places have opened their doors to music lovers, musicians

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