The Gates and Safety for You: How You Can Work There

In addition to playing an important role in the privacy and security of a home, gates are also a determining factor in the beauty of residential facades. With the possibility of being manufactured in different types of materials, they offer different models and formats, ranging from rustic wooden gates to modern and sophisticated glass gates.

However, amid so many options, it is necessary to take some precautions before choosing the right model for your home. We are a reference in Iron Gates. Check out the tips that we separated for you.

Analyze The Space

The first step before choosing the gate model – and one of the most important ones – is to correctly size the space where it will be installed, taking into account the height and width of the vehicles (in the case of a garage), people circulation, limitations in construction and clearance required for opening / closing the gate. As it requires greater care at this stage, it is recommended to request the help of a professional in the field to perform this service.

Choose The Opening Type

There are several types of opening for the gate and the choice will depend on the space available in your home. Among the best known are tippers, pivoting and sliding.

The tilting gate is widely used in places where there is limited space, as it opens vertically (upwards), eliminating the use of the sides. In addition, it is one of the most beautiful models on the market, combining perfectly with more sophisticated architectural designs. It is usually manufactured in just 1 sheet (plate), but it may be possible to find two sheets or more, as in the case of the hinged swing gate. Along with it you will have to think about the locking services as well. For the that you can click here and find the service that works the best here.

Tilting Gate

In the case of pivoting gates, the type of opening is horizontal, as well as common doors. It is recommended only for places where there is plenty of space, as it should run inside or outside the place where it was installed, and can often invade the sidewalk and hinder the circulation of pedestrians or other vehicles. In aesthetic terms, it allows for a more classic and rustic style, especially if it has an ornate design.

Iron Pivoting Gate

Sliding gates, in turn, need a larger space on the side, as they slide only to one side of the garage. This space should be equal to or greater than the length of the sheet, which requires a very wide terrain for its installation. It is one of the most used types of gates, it can be manufactured in different types of materials (galvanized steel, aluminum, iron, wood, etc.) and allows to be easily automated.

Choice Of Material

The choice of material is another very important step and must be done with planning. Regardless of the material chosen, periodic maintenance is necessary to guarantee the useful life of the gate. There are several materials for making gates, such as wood and glass, but we will only address metallic materials.

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