What are The Best Chances with Website Design

Consistent guidelines will allow you to focus and keep your team around one specific topic, both when creating content and when designing a website. If the company does not have a specific visual identity yet, it will be very important to at least outline how it should look and how to be perceived. You can check this website for the smart details. Thanks to this, your team can work around one concept and the final results of their work will be consistent. Here are some tips to consider:

Typography – the type of font that will be the most appropriate, possibly what font has been used so far and can it be used on the new page?

Graphics – what should be the overall look of the page, how to present and what your team should pay attention to?

Illustrations + Iconography – if illustrations or icons are presented on the website, what should they look like and how should they be received?

Message – what is the message of the page, what information should it conveys, who will it be addressed to, what tone it should be and what should your team pay attention to when writing content?

Colors – what company uses colors and how are they used? Establishing this will simplify the work and reduce the scope of activities for your employees.

Knowledge And Experience

This is always an additional advantage. When you start a new website project, first think about the essential issues from where you are, where you are currently and where are you going?

History –if you follow your company’s path from the beginning to the current place, you will realize what is still attracting attention to your current website and what is not. Is it a specific content, photos, graphics or even coloring. Knowing what are the expectations of your recipients, you will save a lot of time and determine in advance what and where to transfer to the new website.

Functionality – What functions existing on the current website could be transferred to the new site. Is there any integration that must be kept? Do you need to create new integrations, for example with CRM? Do you have payment gateways? Are there pages that must be password protected?

Access – Your team will probably need access to online analyze such as Google or Adobe, as well as passwords and logins to the current website.

Content naming patterns – in order to organize content well on the site, it will be necessary to set some naming patterns for all your resources so that they are consistent and your team can easily catalog and find them.

Your recipients – think about who are the people to whom you address your website, the more your team knows about the types of personality that may be interested in your offer, the easier and more effective will adapt the content and message to their needs.

Hosting – do you know where your website will be located? The choice of hosting depends on the technology in which the website is written, will the hosting be able to handle it? Pay attention to server capacity, transfer, and uptime and data security.

Testing – if you want your site to attract as many users as possible and to make conversion rates as good as possible, you will need to use testing tools to find out which solutions work best and what will improve your site’s reception.

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