What to Do After a Grueling Workout


Exercising may be physically challenging, but it’s also essential. Whether you want to control your weight or improve your health, eating healthy is not enough. You have to do both so that you can be fit. If you want to improve your workout routine, find out the three things you should do after exercising:

Cool Down Before Showering

After an intense workout, take a few minutes to cool down. It will help regulate your blood flow and ease your body after the workout session.

Before you take a shower, make sure to have hot water. Otherwise, contact a water heater repair service to get on top of your plumbing problem. You’re going to need the temperature control after a grueling workout session at home. Dr. Kristin Maynes recommends starting post-workout showers with cold water before changing to hot water. She explains that this will reduce muscle inflammation and improve joint recovery.

Eat Right

If your main motivation to exercise is to reduce weight, it’s important to eat right, not just eat less. If you force yourself to reduce your consumption, you’ll end up starving yourself. It’s especially dangerous to avoid eating after a workout because you just burned a lot of protein. Plus, if you make yourself eat less to lose weight fast, you’ll gain the weight back faster. The best way to reduce and keep weight off is by developing healthy eating habits.

It’s recommended to eat food full of protein and carbohydrates such as eggs and sweet potatoes after exercising. They can help restore energy and help your body recover after intense activity.

Besides food, fluids are also crucial when working out. Your body loses water while exercising to regulate its temperature. If you don’t get enough water, you’ll get tired easily and even get muscle cramps. But for some instances, water isn’t enough. If you’re going to be exercising for more than an hour, it’s best to use a sports drink. They’re better equipped to replace the sodium and electrolytes your body lost.

Continue Working Out

After a difficult session, you’re likely to suffer from muscle aches and joint pains, especially if it’s your first time. Don’t worry about it because soreness is completely normal. It’s called delayed onset muscle soreness and should be gone after a day or two. You shouldn’t let this deter you from working out again. It actually means that your muscles are adjusting and that you’re getting stronger. You can ease your sore body by getting a massage or using compress.

It may be hard to believe, but another way to reduce the ache is by exercising again. An expert recommends light workouts such as cycling, yoga, or Pilates to relieve aching joints.

On the other hand, if the soreness lasts for several days or prevents you from moving, it’s best to go to a doctor. You may have incurred an injury that needs immediate attention.

Exercising right is important to ensure that your body is gaining strength and losing weight the right and healthy way. Don’t let normal soreness stop you from continuing a good workout routine.


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