What to Sell at a Pawn Shop  

At a pawn shop NYC residents can get a short-term loan when they offer up a valuable item. Residents can also not pay off the pawn shop and opt to sell the item to a pawnbroker instead. Before you want to use items as collateral or pawn them for cash, knowing the best things to pawn can help you strategize.

Precious Metals: Jewelry can be one of the biggest moneymakers in pawn shops, but different kinds of jewelry can vary in price. Gold is worth more than silver. Precious metal investments can be worth even more. Precious metals can be easy to pawn because over time they can appreciate in value.

Tablets: If you already have a smartphone and computer, then your tablet can be easy to pawn when you need some quick cash. Some models and brands will give you more cash than others. Late model Apple products will give you top dollar. You will get more if you bring in the charger, cord, packaging, and owner’s manual.

Power Tools: Power tools have a good resale market so they make good items for the pawn shop. Milwaukee, DeWalt, and Bosch are some of the most popular brands, and bandsaws, air compressors, and circular saws are popular power tools to pawn. In order to get the most for your power tools, make sure they are degreased, cleaned, and are in good working shape.

Gemstones: While gold tends to get all the attention in pawn shop advertisements, don’t forget about diamonds and other gemstones. The right diamond or gem could give you four figures.

Firearms: Firearms can retain their retail value more than other items at a pawn shop. You will need required paperwork in order to pawn a gun and you will need to make sure the firearm is unloaded before you head to the pawn shop. You could also want to call the pawn shop you are interested in and make sure the shop is licensed to buy guns.

Collectible Coins: Rare currency and coins, such as silver dollars, proof sets, silver certificates, unique paper money, and federal reserve notes, may get more than their face value at a pawn shop. Quarters and dimes that were minted before 1964 are actually made of 90% silver, making them far more valuable.

Sports Equipment: If you have a bike, golf clubs, surfboard, snowboard, or skis that aren’t being used, then you can get money at your local pawn shop.

Smartphones: Newer Apple products get the top dollar at a pawn shop, but if you have an Android then you can still get money too. You can expect to get between $100 and $400 if you are pawning a popular model. In order to maximize your cash, be sure to have the original accessories.

Laptops: You can get around $270 for a current working laptop, but some models, like a new MacBook Air, can give you up to $600.

Cars: Some pawn shops will accept vehicles as collateral. In order to pawn your car at a pawn shop NYC residents will need the registration, title, and proof of insurance.


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