4 Factors that Shouldn’t be Overlooked when Hiring a Customs Clearance Company

When you’re importing goods in the US, you have to do a lot of paperwork that may stretch even beyond getting the CBP entry that’s usually considered the final step to customs clearance.

Whether or not you need the permission of other government bodies beyond just getting CBP clearance depends upon the type of goods you’re imported. Hence, getting clearance on all imports is far more complicated for normal brains to understand and undertake. This calls for the need of hiring professionals at firms like Clearit fba freight forwarding firm that can handle the entire process – until the cargo reaches its destination – professionally.

That said, the generous services that this firm provides are listed below. Have a look before you can make a call on which firm to choose.

  1. They Provide Clearance for All

Clearit USA has professionals with diverse experience. Which is why they’re able to provide a clearance for all freights.

  • By ocean.
  • By Air.
  • By truck.

Also, they can get the clearance for goods like alcohol and tobacco that require extra permission letters and documents from different government bodies alongside the CBP clearance.

  1. They Eliminate Invoicing Mistakes

It can oftentimes happen that you or your agent accidentally create a wrong or faulty invoice. As small as the matter sounds, in the end, it becomes a pinching thorn since parcels with a faulty invoice will not be let off easily.

In order to limit such loopholes, Clearit has built its own software that all its clients can use to create an error-free commercial invoice.

  1. They Reduce your Efforts and Save your Money

On the effort front, you’re let off easy because of the following reasons.

Your consultant broker will:

  • Prepare the documents.
  • File the paperwork.
  • Get the required permission for clearance.

Your freight forwarder will provide the details about:

  • The AWB number.
  • The ISF filing confirmation.
  • The time and port of arrival.

On the cost facet, Clearit saves your money in the following ways.

  • They reduce the heavy storage fees at the port as much as possible by getting the clearance within 30 minutes. It’s only in rarity that the cargo would need 3 hours until dispatch from the port.
  • The cargo insurance that they provide is cheaper and much safer than other companies in the business.
  1. They Have a Fantastic Live Customer Support Eager to Help

Whether you need to learn the basics about them before actually hiring them or you need any detail regarding a cargo that they’re importing, there will be live agents to sort your query.

All in all, with all the right brains put together to import your cargo safely, you’ll have to worry about absolutely nothing.

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