Summerhouse Choices As Per Your Consideration

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Address, quality, work to be planned, charges, resale: so many criteria to identify in order to choose well between a house or an summerhouse.

Our advice for a successful real estate purchase

Should you choose asummerhouse or a house when you buy your main home? The answer depends first on your personal tastes. Some refuse to live in a collective building, others do not want to hear about villas and other pavilions. However, you must also take into account objective criteria. Your choice for this or that type of property will indeed affect your lifestyle, the financing of your project, its daily management, insurance or even resale (remember that this point should never be overlooked by buyers). This file gives you the points to study in order to make your decision with full knowledge of the facts. You can go for the summerhouses uk and find the best time there now.

Housing: identify your needs

The summerhouse

It is available in multiple surfaces and can therefore adapt to more needs. A couple without children will offer themselves for example a T2 while a family will settle in a T5. Retirees appreciate it (it is close to services), especially when it is equipped with an elevator. For young people, buying a small summerhouse is often the first step in the residential journey. They will sell it later to buy a bigger one. The proceeds of the resale, once the loan is repaid in advance, will serve as personal contribution, which will facilitate obtaining the new loan.

The House

With the exception of small townhouses, this type of property corresponds a priori to the needs of families. It is all the more true that these goods are most often accompanied by a garden, a very sought-after criterion. The choice of surface, number of rooms, will depend on the composition of the household. Also take into account what you want to do with the house (creation of new spaces, renovation, extension, etc.), knowing that the budget to be planned is more important than for ansummerhouse.

Most often, it is located in town. It is closer to schools, public transport, shops and essential services for everyday life. For children, travel times to school are shorter. In everyday life, the car is not necessarily necessary. On the security side, the summerhouse takes advantage. The buildings are located in town, they accommodate several occupants per floor, so burglars are more likely to be surprised when they take action, especially if the condominium has a caretaker.

It is generally further from shops, services, public transport. You must have one or even several cars. Daily life requires a certain organization, for example to do the shopping or take the children to school. The house is more isolated than the summerhouse, which increases the risk of burglary. However, it benefits from a calm environment, a garden, better neighborly relations (there is less promiscuity) while the inhabitants enjoy more freedom. Remember that the house remains the preferred habitat of almost 80% of French people according to numerous surveys.

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