Gemstones Are Not The Same Anymore In The Current Era

There are various kinds of gemstones in this world. Some are naturally found inside the earth, and some are man-made. They are typical minerals. There are about 140 different kinds of minerals that have been made into gems. Minerals are generally chosen for their clarity, hardness, and their beauty. There are a few gems that come from animals but that is a small percent. The most well-known gem species are beryl, and diamonds. Others include opal, tourmaline, and quartz. Apart from the wedding market, they are also making several spiritual connections. Today, spiritual healers and shamans are connecting gemstones and minerals to various facets.  Alexander Sparks stocks quite a few pieces, just for you.

Beryl’s Et Al

There a quite a few varieties of beryls. Some show color changes, star-like effects, and some glisten. There is a species of that of chrysoberyl that emits ‘cat’s eye effects.’ Moreover, you must have seen star sapphires, that emanate a star like glow. To top it all, a few gems change colors. Examples are garnets, sapphires and tourmalines.

Now, you can divide gemstones into two varieties. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds come under precious. Moreover, others come under semi-precious. One of the costliest stones are diamonds. Moreover, they qualify as pretty hard on the Mohs scale. They are attention grabbers at the most. Moreover, they are rare. Therefore, you will find that they are quite expensive of the lot. Other popular colored gemstones include amethyst, aquamarine, Moissanite, and jade.

There are so many of them, that you might get confused. Moreover, gemstones are nice to look at and they adorn most metals.

Gemstones And Their Spiritual Meanings

These gemstones are being used symbolically today. There are several legends that have made stories to represent gemstones. Most philosophers and spiritual seekers have been able to unearth the qualities each gem offers its wearer.

You must have seen the Cat’s Eye gemstone. It is a very popular one. Many shamans use it for spiritual healing. Moreover, it has tremendous metaphysical qualities. You can use them on particular chakras for healing purpose. It soothes the nerves, which is one of its qualities.

Amethyst is widely popular. Many people wear it in jewelry and also for spiritual purposes. The violet-colored gemstone looks really appealing, if paired with yellow gold or rose gold. It tends to calm the emotions, and also helps one to get wisdom. The stone is also said to make its wearer intuitive. Many people use this stone to combat alcoholism. You can even lessen obsessive compulsive disorders with it. There are so many facets that you will be awestruck.

Another stone that is doing the rounds today is Aquamarine. It is associated with courage and warriors like to sport this stone. It also soothes the nervous mind and calms the senses. It also prevents sicknesses that relate to excessive sea travel. So, that is a direct connection with the name. A qua means water and marine denotes life at sea. It gives a lot of insight to the wearer.

Another top stone today is Citrine or the money stone. It opens the mind to new ventures and also balances the impatient mind. It attracts a lot of abundance in life, in the form of money, health and fruitfulness. So, it is a great stone to acquire wealth.

Diamonds needs no introduction. They have forever ruled over the earth an on people’s minds. The diamond tends of absorb the thoughts of the wearer. It protects the body of the wearer from poison.

If you happen to visit the store Alexander Sparks, you will come across many of these stones. The store surely has the trendiest of jewelry pieces, just for you. Moreover, they are in the business of engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings, and bands. You should check out some of their stuff in Aquamarine. They have uploaded some of the most beautiful designs on their online store. Moreover, they are reasonably priced. So, that increases the allure all the more. You will get pear-shaped stones, drop-shaped stones, band rings, cushion stones and more. Moreover, they are reasonably priced starting from $895 and can go upto $2,295 for the alluring pieces. If your groom or bride happens to be a stone for Pisceans and Arians. So, they will love the stone. The soothing energy will be a loving balm on the nerves. So, all the frenzy of the engagement will be taken care of.

Moreover, you can also select the other stones like Moissanite. They are a new breed. You can wear them as Moissanite rings. They are so trendy, that they make onlookers trip. Moreover, they emulate diamond at a lesser cost. That is the best part of sporting this stone. So, no one even knows, without you revealing the fact that it is not diamond.

Another trending gem stone is the Morganite. Jewelers are using it widely in rings. Morganite rings are extremely beautiful. They resemble pink diamonds, and that is what increases their allure. It relates to Librans in general. So, you must buy it for a Libra bride or a groom. She will love the pinkish and rosy glow. It communicates with the heart chakra. Thus, it is the perfect stone for the heart. It also clears the past and paves the way for a beautiful future ahead. It is a true Libra stone. Libras love the pinkish, peachy glow which is so much nearer to their inherent characteristics. Morganite rings will rule hearts.

Therefore, they truly love the stone that exudes charm. That is a characteristic of Libra born people, Morganite might be considered to be a magnet for one of, if not the, most important things in everyone’s life and love. You should take some time out to read about all these birth and astro-stones and buy them. The birth signs and the corresponding birth stones makes for a great buy. The trend is catching on! So, you can also reach for the trend.

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