What Are the Different Types of Wire Rope Hoists? 

If you want to purchase or hire wire rope hoists, you want to determine which system works for you.  Because there are different systems, it means if you choose the wrong one, it may not be able to perform the work you need to do. Rope hoists are costly equipment that need proper decision making when purchasing them. When you have the right heavy duty lifting equipment from an EOT crane manufacturer in Aurangabad, you ensure that the work is done properly. That being said, what are the different types of hoists system you can find today?

Standard headroom monorail 

Monorail hoists are used on single girder overhead cranes and they are designed to work best in tasks where there is no height restriction under the beam where the hoists attach. These hoists have their trolley systems that accompany all the lifting and lowering activities. 

Base-mounted hoists

When you want to purchase hoists, you should differentiate between base-mounted and monorails. Foot or base-mounted systems are handy pieces of equipment that you can use as mobile or static lifting hoists. They have different uses in factories. The hoists can be attached to gantry systems or even mounted to trolley systems like the crab unit trollies. You need to purchase base-mounted hoists from a supplier of EOT cranes in Aurangabad if you have different lifting tasks that involve different lifting techniques. 

Crab unit hoists

Crab units are utilized on double girder crane systems that run along the top edge within both girders. They are used in tasks involving heavy lifting but unlike the others, these are able to work on maximum possible lift height under the beam. A downside with the crab unit is that more weight is needed above the girder where it runs. This is because the system runs along the pinnacle edge of the girders where they are placed. You can choose the crab unit hoists from a supplier in EOT cranes in Aurangabad if you want a unit that can allow for a maximum height of lift.

In essence, rope hoists come in different types depending on how they function and the work they perform. They have many advantages because of how they are designed. They ensure safety and they can be used to perform different lifting tasks.  When buying these units, get them from a trusted EOT crane manufacturer in Aurangabad to ensure you have equipment that can perform well and last longer. 


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