Hotels to Stay in Bhutan  

Bhutan is the Himalayan sanctuary with an abundance of the mystery hidden among its mountains. As the earth’s only Vajrayana Buddhist country, you’ll find a strong religious impact in every facet of life, and also the pervasive philosophy of ‘National Happiness.’ 


A regular tourism fee includes a travel agent, museum fees, food, and transportation during your visit to Bhutan. Local trips are a great way to see the key sights in Thimphu, Paro, & Jakar, including the popular Taktsang Monastery as well as the historic Kurje Lhakhang monastery. 


  1. Le Meridien, (Thimphu & Paro)


It is one of the best hotels on our list of Bhutan travel hotels. Marriott’s mid-range Le Meridien company manages two great (but very large) facilities in Bhutan. 


The Le Méridien Thimphu hotel is centrally located in Bhutan’s capital, providing easy access to the Memorial Chorten, Tashichhodzon, as well as other sights. The luxury hotels are tastefully furnished and feature authentic Bhutanese furnishings as well as modern amenities. 


The 59-room Le Meridien Paro, Waterfront, is located on the banks of the Paroo River and offers spectacular views of the beautiful Eastern Himalayas, just two hours from the city. Both resorts include a spa, an indoor swimming pool, restaurants, & meeting rooms.


  1. Camping In The Wild In Luxury (Punakha, Gangtey, & Bumthang)


Camping in Bhutan’s most isolated corners is some of the most pleasant ways to witness the stunning beauty of the Himalayan Kingdom’s magnificent landscapes. 


Travelers will thoroughly enjoy the untouched wilderness on Northern European tipi-based experiences under the supervision of the skilled professionals at ‘Guides of Bhutan,’ without sacrificing comfort or tasty meals. 


Every comfortable walk-in tipi is luxuriously furnished, with a wood-burning fireplace, traditional carpets, including solar-powered lighting. The true sense of off-the-beaten-path adventure comes from waking up to freezing rainy hills, wild lakes, and blue woodlands.


  1. Ascent Of Zhiwa Ling (Thimphu)


Zhiwa Ling Ascent, Bhutan’s only futuristic concept resort, is set amid tall eucalyptus trees and was designed by the great Austrian architect as well as built-in collaboration with Bhutanese & Austrian project planners. 


These rooms are built to be as energy-efficient as possible while still capturing all of the natural light. Many of the rooms have tranquil views of the surroundings and nature. The hotel’s innovative restaurant serves fine dining with flavors straight from the hotel’s sustainable kitchen garden.


  1. Dhensa Boutique Resorts (Punakha)


Denisa Boutique Resorts is located in the green & verdant Punakha Valley. With hundreds of rice fields that stair-step downwards to a valley floor, the Punakha River is visible from the land, which is surrounded by heavy pine forests.


Several walking & hiking trails are surrounding it. The lodge combines modern architecture with the antique and attractive culture of the Himalayan Kingdom. 


There seem to be 24 suites spread across six cottages, each with its own private balcony. The feeling of innocence & harmony that pervades all in Bhutan is at the heart of the Denisa Punakha concept.


  1. Bhutan’s Six Senses (Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Gangtey, & Bumthang)


Six Senses Bhutan operates five different cottages in five different valleys in the vibrant Himalayan Realm of Bhutan, all of which are run into one umbrella title: Six Senses Bhutan. 


Every location has been carefully planned to completely immerse visitors in the environment of the area. The tranquil and opulent lodges, which come in a variety of styles, represent the diversity and unique style of each canyon. 


The aim is to leave refreshed and rejoined, with everything from the holistic spa treatments, sunrise meditations, personal horoscopes readings & butter lantern lighting ceremonies to amazing walks and hikes through commensal flora.


  1. Spirit Sanctuary Of Bhutan (Paro)


The Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, dubbed “a most beautiful 5-star estate in Bhutan” by Teen Vogue in 2019, is a mystical retreat in the Himalayan Kingdom. This one-of-a-kind 26-room luxury hotel is located in Paro’s stunning Neyphug valley, only 20 minutes from the country’s only international airport. 


The whole family-run hotel is designed to look like a typical Bhutanese fortress or dzong and was constructed from the ground up. The rooms are bright and airy, with breathtaking views of the canyon and the below nearby Utok Samdrup Choling Gompa Monastery.


  1. Taj Tashi, (Thimphu)


The majestic Taj Tashi, located in the heart of Bhutan’s capital, is the gateway to a mystical land filled with fascinating myths. Taj Tashi enchantingly combines Dzong architecture with the modern design and is decorated with classic hand-drawn Buddhist paintings, adhering to Bhutan’s ancient & alluring style.


 The 65 spacious bedrooms have mountain views and the town and thus are designed in the style of Tibetan architecture and art. Two cafes, a tea cafe, a pub, and a spa, highlight a specific aspect of Bhutan’s thriving Tibetan Buddhism community.


  1. Gangtey Lodge, (Gangtey)


The multi-award-winning Gangtey Lodge Bhutan provides every convenience and comfort in one of the world’s most famous settings. The 12-suite hotel is perched just above magnificent Gangtey (Phobjikha) Valley, hidden among a cluster of country houses. 


It’s peacefully situated in the middle of Bhutan, combined with its breathtaking architecture, allows visitors to move back in time, far from the pressures and disruptions of modern life. 


Gangtey Valley, the fourth of the five valleys that make up the Bhutan journey, is a secure reserve for broad-necked excavators that have remained untouched by the outside environment.




Bhutan’s less-traveled east, which showcases the country’s genuine natural beauty, is a must-see for adventurers. There are many hilltop monks in the eastern area and the Aja-nye canyon, which is a tourist attraction. 


You’ll find thick woods and scenic paths along the way if you’re searching for a quick journey or a longer one. The scenic towns of Jakar, Paro, Punakha, Gangtey, & Thimphu all have hotels, with luxurious options available in Paro, Punakha, Jakar, Gangtey, & Thimphu. 


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