The different types of servers that ecommerce firms use

A web server is a very promising aspect of any business. The type of server we choose for our business goes a long way in helping us to gain popularity or expand our business. Servers are primarily available to present our business or products in the market forefront so they can be displayed to a wide range of customers.

Developing a web server for a particular business requires skilled IT tech guys and is made in accordance with the need of the business. is an online site that helps companies selects the most efficient server as per their needs and works to make their project a success.

There are a variety of servers that an Ecommerce business can use –

·        Apache Web servers

Apache web server is a very popular type of server among E-commerce businesses. It is operational with any type of operating system like Windows, LINUX, etc. You can easily modify your server pages and because of its open-source nature, a company can easily add its own modules to it. It is highly stable and can be installed on multiple platforms.

·        IIS Web server

IIS Web server is developed by the Microsoft Team. It is considered to be very particular and limited since it is only compatible with Windows operating system. Also, it is not open source, so adding personal modules becomes difficult. But this server comes with the facility of customer support.

·        Nginx Web server

This is another type of server that can be used by an e-commerce firm. It is open source and has all the features of the Apache web server. It has high stability and high performance. Not only this, but it has relatively easy configuration and requires low usage data.

·        Lite Speed Web server

This web server has high performance and uses low operating costs. It is very popular for commercial purposes and it is compatible with many of the features of the Apache Web server.

A company has many servers to choose from. But before that, it should be clear of their needs and requirements, so they select one that meets all their needs.