Roomba I7 Vs 980: Which One Should You Get

Roomba I7 and 980 are two of iRobot’s newest products. The two models have their differences and similarities. Some people prefer the Roomba I7 and consider it worth the high price. Others prefer the Roomba 980 since it is more affordable and can deliver almost the same services as the I7. If you want to know which is better between Roomba I7 vs 980, keep on reading.

Roomba 980

Roomba products used to have a standard navigation algorithm. This makes the robotic vacuums wander in random directions as they clean. That system was revamped in Roomba 980. Camera-based navigation replaced it. The iAdapt 2.0 navigation lets the robotic vacuum go in a straight back and forth pattern. This robotic vacuum starts over every beginning of the cleaning cycle. It builds a map of the whole home every time it cleans and cannot clean a specific area only. It does not have the ability to empty itself unlike the Roomba I7. You have to empty the bin yourself after cleaning. It works great on bare floor and carpet.

Roomba I7

Roomba I7’s iAdapt 3.0 navigation has persistent mapping technology. iRobot calls this Imprint Smart Mapping. The layout is then stored from the cameras and sensors into iRobot’s cloud server. It uses the stored maps to plot a more efficient cleaning pattern. The efficiency is because there is no need to start all over again every cleaning cycle. It can also clean specific areas inside your home. A clean base system that self-empties into a second vacuum is one of the pride of Roomba I7. The second vacuum has a capacity of 30x more than its bin. This makes the Roomba I7 more autonomous than other robot vacuums. The Roomba I7 is the choice of those who do not want the hassle of emptying the bin every time you clean up. It is very expensive because of the navigational upgrades. If you have the money and you are willing to spend, then Roomba I7 is definitely worth it.


VSLAM technology. The Roomba I7 and 980 both use VSLAM. This software allows it to map out the most efficient cleaning pattern. It also helps track its exact location. These are what make Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping smart and efficient.

Rubber extractors. All iRobot vacuums since the Roomba 800 have replaced the bristle and blade combo brush. They now have extractors without bristles. This needs less maintenance.

WiFi connectivity. Modern technology allows you to have better control over the robotic vacuums. You can now access them using your smartphone if you download the iRobot Home App. The app features depend on which model you have.

Voice control. One of the best features of iRobots is the ability to control them using your voice. You can give your command through Alexa or Google Assistant.

Gen 3 motor. Both Roomba I7 and 980 have Gen 3 motor. It has 5x more power than the previous Roomba 960. It is 10x more powerful than Roomba 890.

Design. They both have the three-button interface. Their design makes them easy to use. They also have the same low profile design which enables them to go under most furniture.

Roomba I7 and 980 look alike at first glance. iRobot’s research and development team did a great job. A major upgrade makes the i7 the obvious choice between the two models. If you find the i7 expensive then you can have the lower version 980. You can still have a robotic vacuum with a great performance. Minus the self-emptying capacity and the ability to clean a specific room.

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