Advanced Packaging Solutions As Per Demands

The shape, dimension and the size of a packaging must be included in its conception. The optimal packaging size depends on the type of product with its technical properties such as size, material, weight and product properties, economic factors such as commercial weights and the consumer unit which is divided into consumer habits and consumption speed of the target group.

Large CBD packaging satisfies security requirements in stock, “just in case” and triggers trust plenty, “better safe than sorry”. In addition, they can provide welfare services and serve the pursuit of sociability, for example when jointly consuming a CBD product. Using the example of CBD gummies, a study shows that consumers have the feeling of generosity and wholesome, energizing food with the usual large packaging; with small packaging, on the other hand, you get the feeling that the gummies are heavy.

The Correct Ratio Of Packaged Goods And Packaging Size Is Important.

So-called sham packs are prohibited by law and frustrate the consumer in terms of their trust and security requirements, and can trigger violent defensive reactions with regard to the product and brand after the purchase.

In contrast to this, smaller packaging is associated with values ​​such as “small, but fine” and is seen as graceful. The consumer habits brought about by demographic and social change have a strong influence on the development of the form dimension, because these prompt a trend that demands “convenient” Custom Mylar bags packaging with the option of portioning. The CBD confectionery industry can be mentioned as an example, because mini editions of well-known CBD chocolate bars, snacks and biscuits are currently extremely successful. Mini bars in twist wraps such as celebrations, small bags with gummy bears or chocolate pieces in fin packs such as Ritter Sport chocolate cubes make up a large proportion of the industry’s turnover and are displacing king-size formats.

The Aspects of Packaging Shape and Size

The related factors are examined in numerous empirical studies for various interdependencies. The experts have found that the amount consumed per use of a consumer good increases when the packaging is enlarged and the price per unit of quantity consumed decreases compared to the smaller Custom Cosmetic Boxes packaging.

In addition, various studies are devoted to the analysis of the “height effect” of packaging. For example, longer-stretched packaging simulates more content to the consumer even if there is a precise quantity on the packaging. However, this effect is weakened by a large number of circumstances, such as experience with the product category, degree of consumer desire, consumption situation and is only valid for simple, regular forms. Additionally there are influencing factors, such as the degree of attention, regular confrontation with packaging or with irregular forms of packaging.